About Ron Ramer of Cincy Shots

Ron Ramer started taking SLR pictures in the early 70's with a Minolta SR-1 Camera, usually shooting black and white photos with Plus-X film. As his kids started playing competitive sports, Ron took to the sidelines, loaded with rolls of color print film.

He photographed St. Catherine’s football and soccer games, then moved on to high school and college sports, including a bit of Bengals sideline shots in the Kenny Anderson era.

Since he began his photography career, Ron has been so dedicated that one day, there was even a TV replay of him on the Houston Oilers sideline at Riverfront after his camera bag strap got tangled with an Oiler's player getting tackled as he went out of bounds!

You see, at Riverfront Stadium sideline, the photographer had to be on their knees for every play to allow fans in the lower seating bowl a view of the field. In that position, on knees, with cameras and camera bag on his shoulder, moving quickly to get out of the way would have been impossible, especially while viewing the play through the lens of the camera. According to friends that viewed the game on TV, the entanglement was worthy of an instant replay!

Ron finally opened Cincinnati Sport Shots in 2007, later renaming the company Cincy Shots, to meet parent's wishes to create keepsake shots of their children in their sports or even just at events to be remembered (birthday parties, riding the Ferris wheel at Strickers Grove, band performances etc.).

For more information or to request a shoot, contact Ron at (513) 646-5426.
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